Buy a carton of: Marlboro Skylines 100's, Parliament Menthol Lights, or Newport 100's?!

Question: Buy a carton of: Marlboro Skylines 100's, Parliament Menthol Lights, or Newport 100's?

Newport 100's or shorts are better. Marlboro sucks and are really harsh on the throat and lungs and taste gross and sometimes stale which is why their nickname is "Cowboy Killers". If you like Marlboro that much buy Marlboro Smooth 100's. Some places only sell Marlboro Smooth shorts though so depends where you go. Smoke on!!

Personal Experience

Don't buy neither one of them.Buy a book it lasts longer and you can read it again.Smoking does not make you look grown up and it isn't cool anymore.Smoking is for Loosers.And when you kiss someone it is like kissing an ashtray.

geez for your money you could take 5 of your closest friends to dinner. who can afford to smoke anymore? I know I don't have that kind of money to burn, pun intended.

I agree. I have better ways to spend $50. One of the reasons why I quit smoking six years ago was because the brand of cigarettes I bought (Tourney at Speedway gas stations) was getting too close to $2 a pack and I could no longer justify $1.89 a day for a pack of cigarettes. It was also about that time in which I had been blessed with knowlege of food and "food" and what I was and was not doing to my body. I could no longer justify poisoning myself, especially since it was affecting my husband and my friends and just hanging out with them I also knew I wanted to have kids one day and I wanted to be very far gone from cigarettes when I did. When I found I I was pregnant with my first child, I had been smoke free for three years.

Of my single friends (male and female), I do not know one of them who would even consider dating a smoker.

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