is ok to drink alcohol when im on codeine?!

Question: Is ok to drink alcohol when im on codeine?
i've been prescribed codeine for pain,would it be ok for me to have 3-4 pints of budweiser while im on codeine


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Depends what your tolerance for drugs is. If you consider yourself an alcoholic if you are honest with yourself than it is fine.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. drinking any sort of alcohol with painkillers is dangerous. it might not kill you, or even seriously hurt you, but plan on blacking out and not remembering anything. dying/overdosing is a risk. years and years ago I took half a percoset and had 2 shots and completely blacked out, couldn't even move or speak. it's a dangerous game you don't want to play, unless you like being immobile and retarded.

Your liver will not like you in the morning.

no, but you definitely wouldn't be the first. just don't let cold sweats freak you out.

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