Drinking question...really important!?!

Question: Drinking question...really important!?
Drinking question...really important!?
Drinking question...really important!?
This guy I like was texting me last week after he was drinking, he told me he liked me, there were four texts they were all spelled correctly, there was happy faces, quotation marks. But yet he "said" he didnt mean them because he was drunk...was he just embarrassed???? I wish there was a way i can get him to admit it...but idk how.


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It happens lol. Our rational mind is dulled when even a lil intoxicated, the more drink the more dull obviously. And if he knows you like him it is human nature to be inclined to like someone you wouldn't have really cared for after finding out they already have an interest in you. The combination would likely create the scenario you're describing. If he says he doesn't like you I would just forget about him and find someone who likes you back ;]

umm well he is sooooo lyin because wen ur drunk u dnt txt lik that !!!!!!!!!! but if he wont admittit hen he aint worth it just let him go

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