Some help me im 16 and i smoke?!

Question: Some help me im 16 and i smoke?
I need help quitting smoking


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LOL slap... $4 for smokes??? Where you been? Try $8!

Not much you can do except go cold turkey. Take multivitamins (B complex works pretty well for cravings) and just don't smoke for a week!
Last nicotine is out of your body in 4 days... if you can go 7, then all the cravings are just PSYCHOLOGICAL by then... and that's what takes all the willpower to get over!

Studies indicate nicotine is harder to kick than HEROIN. My dad quit after smoking 40 years because he had to, but he never really quit, would always bum one once in a while... all the way up till his death (not smoking related!).

OK, if you quit smoking youll have more money for beer, weed and prostitution or whatever you like, but you stupid americans pay what for a pack like 3.75? We pay 11 bucks. Just go a good 8 days without a ciggy and itl be out of your system

quit 8 days ago

start smoking weed? its natural :)

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