help alcohol??????????!

Question: Help alcohol??????????
i am going on a trip tomarow and i am just wondering theres 2 types

1 is brown and in the pantry i think its rum but i dont know
the other is clear and in the fridge it says tripple something on it but i dont know if its vodka or not

id rather use the vodka one if it is vodka

1.witch one is safer?

2. and second
im mixing it with something is there anything that i shouldnt mix it with?

3. say i use the refridgerated one does that mean if i wait like a day to use it i have to keep it refrigorated or no?


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Ok, no problem. The one in the fridge that says tripple something is Tripple Sec. It's like really weak Vodka. Probably your moms. You want this trust me. Mix it with Vinegar. I know it sounds nasty but trust me you will love it. It's one of those wierd things you aren't expecting like Peanut butter and jelly. Not sure about the brown one. It could be anything. For all you know it's stale piss. Stick with the Tripple Sec. Oh, and lime. Lime will make it perfect. Have a great trip.

Booze and lots of em!

lmao u dont drink that much do u?? ahaahh

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