where can i get some Pirate Rum from ?!

Question: Where can i get some Pirate Rum from ?
I want some real Pirate Rum and not that mass produced fake drink like captain morgans.

so is there anywhere i can purchase Pirate Rum ? or like a real bottle that has been un opened ?


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In the Dominacan Republic the bars and pubs sell thier own concoctions from behind the bar....they call it Mamma Jaunna.

In Jamaica you have to go off the beaten path.

In the Bahamas you need to go to the bars where they look like someones basement.

The real pirate rum is hard to find in the States...its like moon shine, you gotta know a guy who knows a guy. I recommend trying commercial stuff like Krakken, Sailer Jerry or some aged Appletons.

If you are hard core...I mean hard core into rum, then go get some Cruzan Black Strap rum....its horrible and supposed to be true to the Dark pirate rums of old.

dude, most pirates drank dark cheap Jamaican rum. You should go to Jamaica and get some in a local bar, or try to find somewhere to order some Jamaican rum that is not made by a big company, but is still high quality.

being a pirate

This'll make yer jib draw, matey...


The real thing.

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