What is the most delicious wine you have ever had?!

Question: What is the most delicious wine you have ever had?
Tell me about the most delicious wine you have ever had.

Type of Wine, Where you got it, Price, and anything else you would like to add about it. Thanks!


The best wine was Oak Leaf Merlot which I bought at WalMart for $1.98 a bottle. Don't laugh until you try it. All good wines are basically the same. Price does not make them good. Bad wines are really bad and even a wino living on the streets can tell you which ones they are. Your first glass of wine is the most important. I live in a wine country area of Sothern California and have done tastings at many wineries. In reality, it's not about the wine, it's about the romance that develops from drinking it. Either you like red wines or you like white wines. come to California and I will take you to a romantic restuarant overlooking the Ocean. On our first date I will bring you flowers and candy, and be attentive. Wine only adds to a romantic adventure, it does not create it. Have a happy, loving life.

Arbor mist!

cheap wine is the ****!!!

i never drink wine it taste nastey i like beer

i dont drink. you should do it too:)

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