Why is a 750ml of Hennessy XO in the U.S is $130 and it's $230.10 in Canada?!

Question: Why is a 750ml of Hennessy XO in the U.S is $130 and it's $230.10 in Canada?
(A 750ml of Navan is only about $30 in the U.S and it's $44 in Canada)


Simply put - higher taxes on alcohol in Canada, whether if you go to SQ, LCBO etc.

<- Used to live in Quebec, have family in Ontario,
friends that are from and/or live in most other provinces and territories.

Hennessy XO costs so much in Canada because of SOCIALISM. Beware of SOCIALISM or none of us will be able to get crunked off of overpriced alcoholic beverages.

Sarah Palin

Here is your answer...... It is a currency converter.....http://coinmill.com/CAD_USD.html

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