Bouncer took my gun can they do that?!

Question: Bouncer took my gun can they do that?
i was at the club last night and a bouncer took my gun. I was real drunk so I dont really remember what happened but can they do that? They were closed today so I couldn't try to get it back. Should I call the cops? Do they have to give it back?


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Prat...Why take a gun to a club, you don't deserve to get it back.

common sense

Well did you have a carry conceal permit? they may also forbid weapons on their property. I don't think they can do that though since he has no authority and its your property. Make sure what you did had/did wasn't illegal then call the cops

They generally do not give them back. They're sold at auction if they're worth anything otherwise they're destroyed. I am a bouncer and have never given a gun or knife back to a customer

yes. drunk person + firearm = dangerous situation.

suggest you do nothing about it because you were in the wrong by being drunk in the bar he was hired to protect.

haha, this country is so redneck and awesome, people wonder why the rest of the world hates you. love it. carry on soldier

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