about to smoke my first black and mild, do i have to strip "freak it" first?!

Question: About to smoke my first black and mild, do i have to strip "freak it" first?
how long will it probly last ?


i just found out that freaking it would be better. i reccomend you to take 5 minutes to freak it.
to finish a black its about 15 minutes

huh? just light it up and smoke it slow. Alot of new cigar smokers (even though its not a cigar, it still should be treated as such) make the mistake of smoking it to quickly, which scorches the tobacco and makes it taste bad and harsh. just take a puff every minute give or take and you should enjoy it. The wine and wood tip ones are the best.

No you do not have to do anything to it. Black and Milds are essentially miniature cigars so you can expect there to be a 15 to 20 minute smoke time on it. If put it out and relight later it is going to be nasty and harsh

smoked them for years

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