How long until whiskey goes bad?!

Question: How long until whiskey goes bad?
I found a flask that is full of Makers Mark whiskey that I was given at a wedding about 6 years ago. Not the sort of bottle flask that you buy at a liquor store, but a refillable, metal flask. It has been sitting at room temperature and had not been reopened until today. Is it still good? Poor it out?


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AFAIK, unless you add a contaminant to the whiskey it shouldn't 'go bad'. In some cases the contaminant might just become pickled/preserved. Don't take this as gospel, but I would say your whiskey will go bad at about the same time hell freezes over (and actually, it is freezing over in this part of the country, as I type - what a winter - sheesh). Maybe pass some of that whiskey over here. TIA

I was once a lush.

Wouldn't kill ya to try it. It might be matured for the better.

metal ? id be leary of it, GLASS,......NO PROBLEM........EVER

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