Was my Alcohol watered down?!

Question: Was my Alcohol watered down?
i don't drink often. i'm kinda a wuss as far as getting past the taste. Last night i had some peppermint schnapps but only drank about 1/2 of the pint i bought. i had it in the freezer last night and noticed how i could see little floating flecks in it and sometimes i'd wince at the taste. my hubby put it away for me, putting in a jar w/ a lid and put it in the fridge. i just got it out and poured it in the same type of glass i was drinking out of last night. i noticed that i couldn't see the flecks and wondered if the fridge/freezer difference could cause that. And it was surprisingly less strong tasting. I think he put water in it but i always give the benefit of the doubt. i was gonna freeze it as i would expect the h2o potion to make ice, but life's too short and i gotta get in bed, so do you think that he watered it down or is there a good explanation? Would it being opened and then put back up cause it to taste less intense?


you live in america. ALL of our drink is watered down :)

The flavor was less intensee becuase you just had some last night.

Why put iyt in a seperate jar? You store it in teh original bottle.

***Why did youpour the whole bottle out at once? You pour out how much you are going to drink at a time. Your tastebuds have a "memory" they remember the last from last night.

According to me alcohol makes you watered down because many people like to drink and people who like to drink alcohol they can't live without drinking it when they see it.

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