Can i drink 5 hour energy?!

Question: Can i drink 5 hour energy?
Can I drink 5 hour energy? like the whole thing at once? is it safe for me to drink it all at once? I really need to stay up and finish my projects/study.


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If you are considering beer, wine. or spirits an energy drink then yes one is okay. If you are not referring to these drinks you have posted in the wrong section which unfortunately is a violation subject to deletion.

Only drink alcohol if you are of legal age.


If you want, i don't see why not. when i was in jr. high i drank 6 5 hour energy shots back to back in a dare, yea i got sick, threw up, and went home early hahaha just training for when i turn 21, now its jager bombs till i throw up and go home early

Drink half of it, at the most. For your age you don't need that much caffeine.
You don't want to get all hyped up to the point that you're anxious and having trouble concentrating.

its bad for your health. id say no. the best thing is that you should wake up very early (like 5am) and study. its the best way to keep things fresh.

yes,you can drink 5 hour energy if you have a capabilities to drink.

do....not drink all at once. try 2 tablespoons, should do the trick if you don't usually drink that type of stuff

frequent energy drink fiend

You don't need it at 13 .. i might think differently if you asked this in the right category

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