Alcohol made from chocolate?!

Question: Alcohol made from chocolate?
Is there a specific name for alcohol made by dissolving chocolate in water and fermenting it? Has anyone ever tried this before? I am asking for educational purposes. I really would like to know what you would call it. Mead is made using honey.. What would you call it if you used chocolate? Would it taste very good?


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Commercial producers of Chocolate Liqueurs use liquefied Cocoa pulp.
Unfortunately liquefied Cocoa pulp is not available to home brewers.

Even worse than that is that most commercial available chocolates
contain preservatives and are, therefore, not fermentable.

You can still "legally" make a variety of Chocolate flavored drinks.
- Chocolate-flavored Vodka
- Chocolate-flavored Wine
- Chocolate Beer
- Chocolate Mead.

I make a Milk Chocolate Mead that tastes like a Three Musketeers bar.
E-mail me for the recipe.

I know there are chocolate liqours--Godiva makes one--but I don't know if they're actually fermented cacao beans. If you tried it, you'd have to use a LOT of sugar--cacao beans don't have much naturally, and without sugar there's nothing for the yeast to turn into alcohol.

I'd bet it tastes horrible. There's no name I've ever heard of, because it doesn't exist. If you make it, and it tastes good, then there's your chance to become rich!
-btw, you can't fermentate everything, somethings just don't, you can't make alcohol out of anything

Nothing made with like a chocolate bar, but chocolate liqueurs are made from chocolate extracts.…

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