how many kegs would I need to supply an estimated attendance of 500 people?!

Question: How many kegs would I need to supply an estimated attendance of 500 people?
My family's business is going to be sponsoring an outdoor event with (3) bands. we're running this for 6 hours (4pm to 10pm) and we're estimating 500 (maximum) people to be in attendance. Does anyone have any idea as to how many kegs we can anticipate needing? Not everyone who comes will be of age to drink, and we will not allow outside beverages to be brought in.
If anyone has ever done this, should we make a drink cap to insure A) a reasonable amount of sobriety as these people will be driving home and B) a fair share for all those who paid to drink? If so, how many is a reasonable amount? there will be a $15-$20 a head charge, and this includes the entertainment of the bands. We don't want to cheat people and we want them to have a good time, but we're also looking to keep overhead costs as low as possible.
Also, any idea on how many beers the average person drinks at a social event? (and by average person i do not mean a college frat boy :p)
Any help you could offer on this would be greatly appreciated!


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depends on the size of keg that you get. kegs vary in size so its difficult to give you an estimate. however, converting it to liters, an average guy could probably drink 2 to 2 1/2 liters (max) if you are talking about a 6 hour period. so you'll probably need 1,250 liters or 330 US gallons. if you get a 30 gallon keg then thats 11 kegs.

most kegs are in 15 1/2 gallons aka about 164 beers...thats thats 3 kegs to cover everyone assuming they want 1 beer...sooo id get like 15 kegs

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