what is chain smoking?!

Question: What is chain smoking?
what are the effects of smoking


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It's when you smoke a cigarette, finish it and put it out, then light up another right after that, repeat over and over. Really disgusting!

One after the other.
If you monkey **** a cigarette, you are chaining.

The effects of smoking are that you will damage many organs within your body, but if you do smoke and quit, you will notice you get sick much more often, that is because the air pockets in your lungs are open to bacteria, not cluttered up with tar.
Is that better, heck yes.

I smoke, and have for eighteen years now, I have cut down, but will I cut it off completely, I don't know.
Once nicotine enters your system, and you get used to it, it is hard to cut it off.
This is where second hand smoke is a problem, but I would never blow smoke into a child's face, which is what is needed to hook you in.

Smoking isn't the issue here, the issue is respect for others.

I would tell you as a smoker that you should never start, cause it costs money, and unless you brush your teeth after every break at work, it will stain your teeth.

I enjoy the casual cigarette now, cause I have just gotten bored with it, so I've cut off anywhere but one room in the house to smoke, and it's harder to go to that room to smoke when things are happening away from there.
I've gone from two packs a day to one pack a week.
Plus, the smoke turns everything yellow, and the smell of an ashtray doesn't smell so nice.

Think of breathing in a burning house every time you inhale, not a good idea right, so why do it cause you feel a sense of satisfaction?

Here is a trick to do, close your mouth push all the air you can from your lungs into your mouth, count to five, then open your mouth, you can see the smoke built up in your lungs if you watch your mouth.
The pockets in your lungs keep that smoke in.

Or the old trick, and you don't even need to inhale for this one, suck into your mouth the smoke, then breath onto a spoon, or into a paper towel, you will see the tar which is going into your lungs.

Crazy stuff.

I smoke, Newports.

Having cigars or any smoking instrument with or without any break one after another is called chain smoking. If you have chain smoking then oxygen content in your body reduces and your lungs gets damaged. Its important, that smoking not only kills you but effects a lot more than you to the people who inhale exhaled smoke.


smoking of ciggrates continuously for long duration of time is generally said to be chain smoking...
or we can say that it is the habit of smoking more than the limit....
though there are lots of effects of smoking but the most dangerous effect is CANCER which may be throat cancer or lung cancer or other....
you know or not in ciggrates there are lots of presence of "caffine" which is very harmful to our health and body cells.....
so its better not to have smoke.....

One cig after another.

The effects?

Stinky clothes
Hoarse voice
Bad breath
Throat cancer
Lung cancer
Lack of money to pay for the nails in your coffin because of what you are paying for those friendly companions.

If you think I'm preaching, you are absolutly right. And I'll do it over and over. I was a smoker, so I'm not someone who is just trying to be almighty...I've seen emphesema - heart desease - lung cancer- throat cancer (absolutely horrible as all above are).
I quit years ago when a family member had throat cancer....what that person went through was ..
you know what...? look it up......what you read on line about smoking is REAL.

smoking of ciggrates continuously for long duration of time is generally said to be chain smoking.which otherwise means smoking continously without a gap .it reduces the lifespan of a person to a larger extend.

when a cigarette is burnt by other cigarette; it is called chain smoking means many cigarettes a day.
Effects of smoking are bad for health and wealth.

chain smoking is continuous non stop smoking.they are addicted to stay in smoke or otherwise get frusteted. The effect of smoking is cancer.

chain smoking: smoking 2 or more cigarettes one after the other immediately.

smoking reduces life span of people who smoke and those in front of whom they smoke.

Is chain smoking....
On a serious note....


smoking one and lighting another as soon as its finished

ex smoker

continue sly on a regular time interval smoking habit tells this and the effect will be that causes cancer mostly

continuous smoking for long time. it will effects for the lungs cancer

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