Are there any sulfite-free wine or champagne brands?!

Question: Are there any sulfite-free wine or champagne brands?
I am allergic to sulfites & as far as I know all brands of wine & champagne have them as preservatives. I would like to be able to have a nice glass of red wine without breaking out in sores all over my mouth for 2 weeks straight. Help?


Yes, there are many, and you need to go into the largest wine emporium near you and ask a salesperson. Sometimes they call them organic.
The companies that make them really want and need your business.

Yes there are actually quite a few wine brands both red and white that are "NSA" No Added Sulfites" for the best ones i have ever found look for Stellar Organics and Live a Little. They do also have a organic Sparkling wine which is awesome and i believe they will have the first ever NSA Sparkling wine later this year..

There's a brand called YELLOW, it's a sparkling wine, and nice really cold, I think they also make a red variety, ask at your bottle shop for any more brands, there are quite a few people out there with this allergy, good luck

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