How to layer a drink with a spoon?!

Question: How to layer a drink with a spoon?
When you use a spoon, does the edge of the spoon need to be touching the side of glass in order to layer properly?
Any other tips for an amateur bartender?


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What you are building is called a pousse cafe.

There are two things to keep in mind when building one.

First, try to keep the various liqueurs from splashing on the sides of the glass, in other words keep the inside of the glass completely dry as you pour. You want a good surface tension where the liquid meets the glass. This helps keep the layers from mixing as you build, specific gravity does the rest of the work for you.

Second you want to gently pour the next layer on top of the lower layers without penetrating the layers with the force of the pour. This is where the spoon comes in. You hold the spoon upside down so you are gently pouring over the dome of the back of the spoon. This causes the pour to fan out into several gentle trickles rather than one plunging column of liquid. Put the spoon down near the surface of the liquid in the cup so your pour doesn't have far to fall off the spoon. This keeps the pour gentle. You can touch the spoon to the glass, but make contact just a little below where that layer will stop, then when you withdraw the spoon you'll maintain your surface tension. This also makes your layer thicknesses much more accurate. As mentioned before, keep trying to prevent the liquid from splashing on the sides of the glass.

Careful pouring is the whole secret to all this. Just pretend you are pouring cough syrup into a spoon and you'll do fine.

To recap: Dry glass = good surface tension. Hold upside-down spoon close to the surface of the liquid. Pour carefully. You just created a well done pousse cafe.

Good luck.

you can use a spoon upside down, place it in glass or shooter with the tip of the spoon resting on the prior layer, dont pour to fast. If you find you are in a rush, instead of a spoon, just tip the glass or shooter and pour liquor down side of glass, slowly again slowly bringing cup upright as you pour.
There is rules for what liquor to put in first aswell. If you dont have a hydromenter, you can find website that will tell you the weight of each liquor and the heaviest will always go on the bottom leading to the lightest. Quick rule of thumb, The higher the alcohol content, the lighter the alcohol.

bartending 7 years.

Use a teaspoon, no it doesn't need to be touching the edge of the glass, you just need a gentle hand, it works pretty easy actually

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