is it possible that cigarettes don't make me addicted?!

Question: Is it possible that cigarettes don't make me addicted?
i'm 16 and have had maybe 1 pack total in my life. everyone says "oh no nicotine! its addictive!" but i have never felt the NEED for a cigarette..i only do if i'm bored and the cigarettes are there.. is nicotine addictive to everyone?


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Jst stop it that habit nw coz cigarettes n nicotine will take u to slaverly the minute ur system get used to it.Havn expirienced n now in fightn wth tha addiction,l wld earge u to stop even thinking about cigarettes.I ignored sm advice,having the same problem as urs n @ ur age n now been into the habit for 10 or so years n u can think of the damages done n stl cant quit 4 a day.Stop it please!

Technically, no. There are a small percentage of people who do not develop an addiction, but for the majority of smokers it is incredibly addictive. It alters your brain's chemistry and the way it operates on a chemical level. Even if you were retarded enough to think you would be one of the 'lucky' ones, nicotine can take sometimes days, weeks or months to become an addictive product. So you might not feel it right away, but slowly your body is becoming dependent on nicotine to function. Then the health hazards, which should be more of an issue for you than the addiction aspect, are ******* insane. Why would you want to cut your life short and give something power over you just because you're bored and want to gun a stick? Another reason not to smoke, the smell of cigarette smoke on a guy is a turn-off to about 90% of girls. Not sexy...its actually really gross

Has seen the effects of cigarettes and nicotine, reads up a lot on health and is an 18 year old girl

Yes, nicotine is addictive to absolutely everyone. It's a chemical addiction and nobody is immune, despite what they may say.

1 pack is far from enough to get you addicted. You'd need to be smoking much more than that, something like a pack every week or two to feel any kind of addictive effect. Not that you should go trying it! Quitting can be really, really tough.

If you are only 16 please do yourself a favour and find something sensible to do when you get bored. You might not be addicted but inhaling any smoke into your lungs is asking for health problems, maybe not now but in later life. I see so many people desperate to get off cigarettes and here you are saying you've never even felt the need for one but smoke anyway, so my question is - why do it to yourself?

You have no idea what addicted is. Being addicted to smoking is when you're like my father in his 60s who's tried to quit a life-long pack a day habit but can't. Smoking a single pack in 16 years is nothing. I smoke myself and while I must be addicted it doesn't matter much since I have no desire to quit.

Some people are just more mentally prone to becoming addicted to cigs

Yeah, so you simply do yourself. It's always been like that and that's the way it very likely will stay

yes if have limit smoke.

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