I heard that they drink warm beer in the U.K. is this true?!

Question: I heard that they drink warm beer in the U.K. is this true?

Doesnt matter really, we drink beer!!!

The Brits drink beer at cellar temperature which is around 56F . This way you can actually taste the flavor of the beer.
American mas marketed beer BMC has no flavor and must be served just above freezing because marketing executives have convinced us that COLD is a flavor.

Beer snob, homebrewer


We drink beer at "cellar temperature", about 13C, not warm.

Unfortunately Americans drink FROZEN beer, which takes out all the taste, so see anything that actually tastes of what it is made from as undrinkable

Doesn't matter that it's warm the key point is we drink BEER the real ALE, not the piss weak shite aussies drink by the name of Fosters or the Yanks in way of Budweiser :D

Yes, in fact if you try and order a cold one, they find it very offensive, and you'll get all kinds of dirty looks, they like it warm and dark

Not true

The beer is served at what might be considered cellar temperature or slightly cooler. Cool but certainly not warm

you americans get more stupid every day. WE invented beer in britain, and we also happen to serve it ice cold :)


Warm beer and Cold Pizza! Yes, it's served at room temperature, not ice cold like here in the U.S.



lol not at all ..It's chilled !

I live in th UK

That would be some nasty ishhh.

yes, sometimes the hotter the better to make up for our climate.

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