where could i hide alcohol in my suitcase ?!

Question: Where could i hide alcohol in my suitcase ?
going on a school skiing trip and they will check our suitcases for alcohol which is prohibited so need somewhere smart to hide it. any ideas ??


Very simple. Most suitcases have liners. Cut the liner along the sides, buy velcro tape at the hardware store, and seal it that way. You just undo the velcro, store flat plastic 'mickeys' along the sides, then velcro it up again.

Either that or just have a local buy you some over there...

Whats up with Americans and their ridiculous legal drinking age anyways?? I mean... your country trusts you to fight wars and carry a machine gun, and die for your country at 18 y/o, but to have a glass of wine is unacceptable.

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