In the last hour I have drank an entire mickey of vodka and feel normal?!

Question: In the last hour I have drank an entire mickey of vodka and feel normal?
I drink beer most of the time, when I want a kick I drink the hard stuff.. today is one of those days but here I am just finished a bottle and i feel ripped off.. I'm a little warm i guess a bit stimulated, enjoying music and chillin maybe these ephedrine tabs have something to do with it..?


Um.. yeah the Ephedrine may have something to do with it as they are a stimulant and alcohol is more like an anti-stimulant.

Wait awhile and see if it starts to kick in later. I'm not sure I know how much is in a "mickey" of vodka though.

Plus, if you've ate a lot of food, especially carbs, then you'll have a tougher time getting drunk.

edit: @Becca.... ever hear of spell checker? Makes us all good spellers.

also, I've had times when I drink 2 or 3 beers and can feel the affects... other times I drink a lot of hard alcohol and don't even feel buzzed. This may be one of those times for you.

if youve just drunk a whole bottle then how did you write all that withoout any misspellings ..?

ayee theen but i know what the feeling is when your drunk could you even think of using a spell checker? :)

kaay then you freak ! :) :L

Ephedrine will definitley do that!

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