i have hangovers!!!!!?!

Question: I have hangovers!!!!!?
i need help gettin rid of them please give me great foods to get rid of drowsyness


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Well I would be thinking bacon and eggs but it is always best to drink plenty of water and ect lots of pasta, carb. orientated foods after a night of drinking. And also vitamin B1 is important as the human body is essentially drained of this during and after heavy drinking.

Try to eat some asparagus or take some milk thistle if you have any available. B-vitamins help and even peppermint can help cure a hangover. Here is a link to several ways to cure a hangover. Good luck and hope it helps!


Egg fried rice, bacon & eggs, toast and a strong cup of coffee. Drink lots of water 48 hours before you go out drinking and your hangover shouldn't be as bad

hangovers.................been there done that bought the T-shirt

Lots of water and crackers and bread for the hangover, redbull or coffee for the drowsyness.

Eggs for hangovers caffiene for sleepy

A fried egg roll and a can of Irn Bru

Experience - I'm scottish

subway! im serous,, works every time

hot dogs plain with no bun or condimentsweiners

drink lots of water the night before

raw eggs. If you can stomach them, they will get rid of a hangover.

A shot of pickle juice a sugar free redbull and Gatorade

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