what is the age limit to buy alcohol in UK? 18 or 21?!

Question: What is the age limit to buy alcohol in UK? 18 or 21?
i heard it's 21. it's true?


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in england its 18

It's definitely 18. You only have to prove you are 18 to buy alcohol in supermarkets or most pubs / clubs / bars. Some clubs and bars are over 21 only but this is the choice of the management of those places and not a rule enforced nationally by the government.

You may come across signs in supermarkets and off licenses that say 'If you look under 21 we will ask you for ID to prove you are old enough'. These require you to prove you are 18 (and not 21) but are put up to soften the offence that some people take when being asked for ID to prove their age.

don't know where most of these people got their info from :| its 18 legally, but depending on where you are places can be a bit more lenient. Britain has a big drinking culture so underage or not, you can get it anywhere. bars and pubs especially dont mind as long as your over 14 and are with an adult. police normally arent fussed as theyv pulled over just to have a chat with me before while iv been drinking as long as your not acting like a **** or anything :)
and trust me on this i live in the uk :)


18 but they are discussing if it should be 21 for the pathetic and naive thought it would somehow reduce the number of underage and problem drinkers ( I right the way our nation is they are thugs all the way in there 30s and if by then they are still immature the rest of there life!!!!)

By law anyone 25 and under or if you look under 25 you have to provide ID when asked!!!


The legal age is 18 to buy alcohol

Shops usually do a think 21 o think 25 scheme where if you look under 21 or 25 then they will ask for you for I.D
Usually driving license or pasport

Just to make sure you are 18 or over

Work In Sainsbury's With Think 25 Rule :)

Its 18 if you HAVE ID
Its 21 if you DON'T, you have to prove your 21 though :S
also 25 If you dont, only if you go to big supermarkets like Tescos

18 is the legal age to buy alcohol in britain.


18 but if you look under 25 be prepared to be asked for ID such as passport or driving licence.

It's 18. The US is one of only a few places that have a legal drinking age of 21.

It's 18 but a lot of places will ask for ID if you look under 21, even 25 in some places.

18 is classified ADULT


also, it depends on the kind of alcohol, I think..hard liquor or not.

Have someone buy it for you if you want it. I assume that is what you want.

supposed to be 18. some shops wont sell to under 21 but kids of 14 have no problems getting it.


No - its 18.

its 25 in scotland..

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