How many Smirnoff Ice's Does it take to get drunk?!

Question: How many Smirnoff Ice's Does it take to get drunk?
Just interested in how many it takes you to get tipsy, and drunk.....
a) 6
b) 10

and if you know how much a 6 pack is, it'd be nice to know as well!


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Not all people get drunk at the same rate, you figure it out. I can't say for sure because last time I actually tried to get drunk of smirnoff ice I was new to drinking alcohol. stuff has changed since then. smirnoff ice is gross to try and get drunk off. all that nasty sugar.

I guess if you don't weigh much and don't have a high tolerance for alcohol, you could possibly get a buzz. It would probably take between 3-5 to get tipsy... I don't think it's possible to get drunk off of them. You'd end up sick instead and just think of all the Sugar and calories. You could try adding a shot of vodka to each bottle, you'd definitely have a chance then. Mikes hard lemonades are pretty good as well, and I think they have a bit more alcohol in them. Try the raspberry lemonade...

If you're under a 100 lbs, 2 drinks will make you legally drunk. If you're 200 lbs, it will take at least four drinks to get legally drunk depending on how fast you drink them. Legally drunk is by no means the same as feeling drunk. Feeling drunk differs from person to person, depending on tolerance, which is based on genetics, weight and experience.

A 6 pack usually runs from $6.99 - $8.99 depending on where you go. It runs at $6.99 at some groceries stores.

Usually takes 2 - 3 to get tipsy and 6 - 10 to get drunk.

Cashier at a grocery store

Tolerance for alcohol varies a lot as does the price.
Drink something non-alcoholic if you're underaged.

You can't get drunk off of those... Get some real beer, or a bottle of Jack

Let me put it this way, from all the sugar you're more likely to get a tummyache first than get drunk. Blech!

I'd say about 6.
Considering the alcohol level being only 5.5%

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