Vodka makes me feel different?!

Question: Vodka makes me feel different?
I am 16 and when i get drunk with vodka it makes me really creepy and i go into a world of my own, however when i have cans or pints i seem to be able to socialize with people better from my experience, can anybody explain why this is and/or what i can do?


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Any hard liquor will affect you differently than beer. It is much stronger and will get you drunk a LOT faster. If you want to socialize with your friends, either stick to beer, or go with mixed drinks like a screw driver, something that will dilute the alcohol, and drink SLOWLY. Personally, I can't do that, so I stick to beer.

Just stay away from the vodka. My husband learned he has to, he blacks out and does horrible says our relationship is over for the most stupid reasons. I'm usually mad at him, but then when I tell my friends a few days later, it becomes comical. He's vowed to stick with beer after his last episode. LOL

Well if you wanna know what to do for REAL your 16 years old .DON'T DRINK IT! your not of age and shouldn't be drinking anyhow.

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