is 12 full uk pints of 5% beer alot ?!

Question: Is 12 full uk pints of 5% beer alot ?
is 12 real pints in UK
5% beer

is it alot for one to drink in 1 night with a small bottle of baileys to go with it


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Yes that is quite a bit, I think that's a gallon of beer

Yes. It's a lot of liquid, even if there was no alcohol there (it's just over five and a half litres). To work out the number of alcohol units that is, just multiply your 5% by the number of litres: 5 x 5.6 = 28. So you'd be drinking twenty-eight units of alcohol. The most you're supposed to be drinking in any on week is twenty-one units for a man and fourteen units for a woman. But hey, your liver's a pretty resilient organ if you don't habitually abuse it.

depends when the night starts. do that in 3 hours or so and you will be pissed off your head. but start at 5pm and end at 12 and its not a stupid amount. as long as you have a full stomach too.

Usually, yes.


nope, not unless your american, because you can't handle your drink as well as the british :)

depends on what you consider alot. i'd say yeah probably.

It's more than a responsible drinker consumes in a week. (7 days)

yeah boii!!

Only if your driving!

You bet!

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