Can you use an expired ID to drink?!

Question: Can you use an expired ID to drink?
I live in Cali. my ID expired last week but my new one is coming in the mail .. will the waiter refuse to give me a drink if my ID is expired? I know its a dumb question but I dont want to be embarrassed when I get there since I'm celebrating my birthday with friends I want to drink.


As long as you have your temporary paper one.

yes you;; be fine, how do think kids get fake IDs, you know that some 16 year old kid isnt paying 100 dollars for a fake, so they get someones old one and use it.
as for the getting refused, you may need to show a credit card or some other form of ID with your name on it so they can know that its not fake

It should be fine till you get your new one. As long as they can tell it was valid and that it's just expired there shouldn't be any problem.

Yes you can in NYC idk if you can i cali

exired ID is considered no id. if its not current, its not really ID.

They will indeed refuse to serve you.

I worked in a liquor store in California.

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