Ok so I'm new to the fermenting process...?!

Question: Ok so I'm new to the fermenting process...?
Firstly, I have been informed that fermenting is essentially a process in which you let something grow bacteria on it, but why is the thing you're fermenting still edible? Does the bacteria harm you in any way?

Secondly, my friend let me try some of his grandma's rice drink (which is fermented) and it was super good! He told me there was a small % of alcohol in it and ever since, I have been wanting to make it. So I have a warm cup of water and some rice with sugar. Do I need yeast? How long will the process take? And can you drink/eat everything in the finishged product?

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1 ) You do NOT grow bacteria in it, you use fungi to ferment the sugars.

2) Fermentation takes weeks, so just putting rice, water & sugar in a cup won't do it (no matter how much yeast you add)

Generally, you want to avoid bacteria when you are fermenting. They can spoil the brew. There are some styles of beer that use certain strains of bacteria to sour the beer.

Was the rice drink you tried called saki? It is much easier to buy it than to make it. You would have to cook the rice first and you would have to use the correct variety of yeast.

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