Does this contain alcohol?!

Question: Does this contain alcohol?
I was about to eat some chowder soup and then noticed that it said it had barley, hops and came from ale or something. Does that mean it has alcohol in it?


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Most chowder contains no alcohol, but even if it is put in the alcohol should have boiled off before it is served.

Is it an ale soup? like cheddar ale soup or something? If so, then it may have minimal amounts, but nothing to get you drunk. When soups are cooked most of the alcohol evaporates. Not all, but there won't be enough left to do anything to you.

It most likely was made with alcohol, but it is has very little alcohol left in it from the cooking process. A person of any age can eat it and it won't get you drunk.

No, chowder soup doesn't have alcohol :)

By the way, usually when a food says that it contains alcohol (like wine or something), the alcohol is burnt out while it's cooking.

no prolly not unless you got reallllyyy good soup. haha jk
umm like its put in there but it cooks out most likly.
kinda like beer bread and marinading a steak in wine.

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