Would you rather get drunk or high? Alcohol vs. Marijuana?!

Question: Would you rather get drunk or high? Alcohol vs. Marijuana?
and why?


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i wanna smoke now

I strongly prefer alcohol over weed simply because of the decreased judgment, and the ability to not have such a strong consciousness when you just want to relax and not worry about life. Weed is different for different people, and commits itself to more creativity then alcohol does. I seem to have fun with anything on alcohol, but with weed; even if It's "hyper" weed, it seems to still keep me in my apathetic state of mind. Alcohol deletes my stubbornness to not enjoy different things...

Alcohol is worse for you (the person that said it's "healthier" than weed is an idiot), but I like drunk better than high. When I'm high, I feel lazy and sluggish and dumb/paranoid. When I'm drunk, I'm fun and energetic and looser

Why not both? If I had to choose, alcohol. Vodka, closely followed by whisky. The eternal question, which one do I choose?

I'd rather drink if I had to choose between the two. I really love MJ for sex though.


I'd rather get drunk. I find it more fun :)

I'd rather be drunk.



Weed! Haven't had any in a while!

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