How to know if you might become an alcoholic?!

Question: How to know if you might become an alcoholic?
So my parents were both alcoholics in there lives but controlled it a bit the past few years. They both met in rehab and married eachother but I was wondering if it is genetic that I have a higher percentage to becoming an alcoholic. I drink beer everyday pretty much but only 1 and I rarely ever get drunk unless at a party. But I've found myself craving alcohol when I look at it but not to the point where I would do anything for it. I don't know, just looking for feedback if I have a high percentage of becoming an alcoholic or not.


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theres a 50/50 chance you might become one!

just went through a DUI class and this was one of the topics. Scientists have been looking for the quote alcoholic gene since the 80's. No conclusive results have been proven to link alcoholism with a specific gene. However, there has been some speculation into a possible chemical deficiencies that are linked to alcoholism. Again this research has turned up nothing concrete.

Most would consider alcoholism a learned behavior. And because your parents both share this behavior pattern it is, statistically speaking, more likely that you may learn it. However, because it is a learned behavior and not a genetic condition, you can control it. If it is something that bothers or worries you consider seeking advice from organizations that specialize in this behavior. And Im not just talking about AA. There are tons of organizations that will be happy to answer any questions.

Personal experience/ First time DUI offender class

Alcoholism is not genetic it's all BS. If you want to drink then drink. If not then don't. It's all about willpower. Don't listen to other morons. I drink basically everyday but I never miss work bc of a hangover I never miss a bill payment bc of money spent on drinking. If drinking takes over your life then worry. Not now. Have fun.

There are indications that addictive behavior is genetic. It could be you already are an alcoholic. An alcoholic is simply someone addicted to alcohol. You do not have to lose control of your life to become an alcoholic. Lots of alcoholics are very successful people who hold down jobs and maintain relationships.

There is a common myth that all alcoholics are losers who can't work, they wake up in the morning and have a drink, they're drunk all day long every day, they have the DT's when they quit, they beat they're wives and children and they eventually hit rock bottom when they almost die from they're disease.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While its true that some drunks are like this, not all people addicted to alcohol have these problems. And, alcoholism is NOT a disease. It is simply a drug addiction; just like someone addicted to heroin or cocaine does not have a disease.

You don't have to be to the point where you'll "do anything" for a drink to be alcoholic. It also has nothing to do with the frequency that you get drunk, either. The fact that you drink everyday gives some indication that you may be addicted, but that does not make it conclusive. Alcohol is a drug, just like any other drug. You're either addicted or you're not. For example, an alcoholic could quit drinking for twenty years, but they would still be an alcoholic, even though they hadn't been drunk in twenty years.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

1) Have you ever had a blackout?
2) Do you ever think about or talk about drinking while sober?
3) Could you quit drinking right now, for the rest of your life and be 100% OK with that?

If you answered yes to the first two questions and no to the last question, there is a good possibility that you are addicted.

recovering alcoholic

Genetics can play a part with all of us and our habits. Now that you're aware of the consequences of "over-indulging" , make it a point to never sink to that level of dependency. You say you rarely ever get drunk "unless at a party"....keep in mind some alcoholics only admit to being "weekend warriors", thereby downplaying their responsibility to drinking alcohol. Keep your drinking to a minimum....even (or especially) at parties and see how you do.

In my area...first time DWI offenders have fines/fees to pay amounting to $5000>>>not to mention losing their license, etc. I would think that alone would be a deterrent to drinking in excess. And what it does to your appearance as you age: big red noses, facial wrinkles and sags and bags prematurely. Now imagine how your organs have aged!!! How do you want to look when you're older? Think about that.

If you find you're having trouble....sit in on a AA meeting and listen to some of their stories.

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