how much do i have to drink to get drunk....?!

Question: How much do i have to drink to get drunk....?
I've never been drunk before. i am 109 points and 5'4. and i was at a friends house and i hadn't eaten anything the whole day. then i chugged down 2 glasses of Champagne and had a 3rd after that. is that enough to get me drunk? cause i definitely felt drunk


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109 points, hm, not familiar with that measure of mass.
That's enough.

You would know it if you were drunk. Takes me about 5 or 6 shots of Jack to get drunk and I'm 130lbs. 1 shot is equal to 1 beer as far as alcohol quantity, same for 1 shot is equal to about 1 glass of wine. Id say you were tipsy, but not drunk. Oh and btw, champagne leave one HELL of a hangover the next day! :o)

Depends on yourself really, different people have different tolerances. If you want to, you can experiment, but be sensible :)


1 alcohol

No, you're just a lightweight.

~The Fat Man

yep. 2 drinks for your weight.

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