I havent had a monster in like a year,is it safe to drink one?!

Question: I havent had a monster in like a year,is it safe to drink one?
I havent had a monster in FOREVER and i want one but im worried about the cafeine..by the way im only 12...is 1 monster every 2 months or so safe..??


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It just one path to becoming a man. Drink the Monster and enjoy the experience or just have a coffee..

That much caffeine at your age is not good for you in the first place. It will keep you up late at night, make you jittery at school and you will start to develop a dependency on caffeine. I started drinking coffee on a regular basis when I was 10 and 17 years later when I tried to stop I started getting splitting head aches because the caffeine expands the blood cells in the brain which makes us happy and dependent on it. As soon as we stop drinking caffeine, the blood cells contract which causes extreme head aches and even migraines for several days/weeks until the body gets used to not having the constant stimulus of caffeine in the system.
Sorry this might sound complex, but caffeine is a drug and you can get addicted (as most of us do eventually) and it is best to hold off as long as you can so your brain and body can continue to develop. Try and get more sleep so you don't feel the need to drink an extremely, unhealthy disgusting energy drink.

I don't think you're supposed to ask questions on this site unless you're 13. But you're right: energy drinks like monster do have a lot of caffeine. Ask your parents.

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