Do I need drinks license in my cafe if customers bring own wine?!

Question: Do I need drinks license in my cafe if customers bring own wine?
I wish to open my cafe for Sunday lunches,but do not want an alcohol license,have therefore thought about "Bring Your Own" (wine/beer),and just supplying glasses.


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You might but if you have a cafe and a license to sell alcohol you should already know. Contact your local alcohol control ministry for specifics.

If you are in the UK, then you do not require a liquor licence unless you sell alcoholic beverages. However, you must inform your insurance company if you intend to allow own-bottles to be opened and consumed on the premises. Insurance companies assume that there will be a slightly increased risk of damage and/or injury as a result of customers drinking alcohol. And diners will be using your glasses, so it is reasonable to make a charge for that.

Accordingly, you should make a "corkage" charge per bottle to cover the increased premium, and to show that the practice is recognised and that you are in control. Corkage seems to vary between £1 and £5 per bottle depending on the time of day, the "class" of restaurant and its menu, and the number of bottles. A lower unit charge would be made for a higher number of bottles. I have seen corkage charged per table at £8 to £10, relating it to the number of diners and therefore the number of glasses. Get the idea?


Im sure it varies from state to state. In Tennessee, USA you don't have to obtain a liquor license if they bring their own in a brown or dark colored non revealing bag


In some states customers can bring their own, but you need a certain type of permit or license. It is different then & less expensive then a liquor license.

Generally no
However, you may be violating health codes by allowing outside food and drink.

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