Should i go to the party tonight?!

Question: Should i go to the party tonight?
Iv been invited to a party but im nervous about going, im not the kind of person whos very social and i only know one person there (the girl that invited me) shes nice but i dont know her THAT well. Should i just go anyway?


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yes bring a condom and lube!!!

it's the best way to meet new people. but if it's going to make you REALLY uncomfortable, don't put yourself in that situation. You're going to absolutely hate being there. If you are a drinker, (im not endorsing it if you are under 21 but if you already do it which many teens do it's kind of inevitable anyways), a couple drinks loosens you up a lot and you tend to be a lot more social. So that might help you also. But if you are extremely shy a huge party sometimes is a bad idea.

If you feel like you can step out of your comfort zone and meet some new people, do it. If you think you're going to be anxious and uncomfortable there, don't go.

go and enjoy it man if you feel weird about it leave with an excuse or if you don't trust their alcohol bring your own but if your not a social person like i was after my car accident this is the sort of thing that got me back in the game this may be your ticket you can take it or let it slip as long as you are comfortable with it

my own :)

i tend to be the same way at times. but odds are that if you don't try to talk to other people, then there will be a few people that come up and say hi to you. don't reject them just because your nervous. get out there and have a good time!
just don't mix with the wrong people and end up doing something stupid..


It's up to you if you think it's just going to be awkard then no you shouldn't go but you might go and have a great time and meet new people, besides if you get bored you can just leave early :)

I don't know, if you only know 1 person and you're shy then you may be left standing by yourself for the night! Why don't you bring one of your own friends so you're not alone!

You should really go to the party because if you don't u might regret not going. Parties are fun and your young only once so live it up

try it you never know it might be good and if it aint you can always leave after a bit =]

Yes go out and have fun and meet new people and plus she will be upset if ou don't go

yes. meet new people

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