What is the process of fermenting fruit to make alcohol?!

Question: What is the process of fermenting fruit to make alcohol?
I wanted to know so I can try it. It is a study I am doing in the lab. Thanks.


Don't squeeze out fresh juice to get moldy. If you want to study it for you "lab" *cough* *cough* then get some additive free juice - grape works well - it must be additive free. Tip out a cup and then add 2 cups of sugar, shake, a satchet of yeast, shake more, shake more, shake more, then loosen the cap slightly so it doesn't blow and stick it somewhere warm. Be warned, the room will smell like yeast. I threw mine out after a day as malt liquor is tastier and I hate wine. This does work though. When it stops bubbling in a week or two you'll have alcohol around 8%+. Its cheaper to buy 211 or some cheapo vodka though.

Make just under a gallon of fresh fruit juice by squeezing oranges, grapefruits, or whatever. (oranges are the best) Add about three 8 oz. glasses of hot water and a pound of sugar. Let it sit in a warm area for 2 to 3 days. During this time, you'll notice it bubling like a soda -that means it's turning into alchohol or "cooking". Don't let it cook too long or it'll turn to vinegar. By the 3rd day it should be ready. It smells like a wino threw up but it's alchohol.

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