What should I drink to get really drunk?!

Question: What should I drink to get really drunk?
My friends and i are having a celebration because we just worked our asses off for exam week. Anyways we are looking for something to drink that tastes alright, works well and won't make us pee like elephants.

Last time we drank we had Palm Bays which worked very well but we downed 4 in an hour and had to pee every 15 mins or so.

We are all very small so we don't need something super strong and we are female.


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long island iced teas are good. but im afraid going to the bathroom is part of the process, cant really be avoided. but ive never been much of a fan of wine.

if the only 2 people are suggesting the same thing it must be good

I don't think you'll find anything that won't make you wee all the time... if you do be sure to let me know! Just don't open the floodgates too early lol

i like to drink a blue wkd mixed with a shot of sambuca 3 - 4 of them and im drunk

mojito's are good too.. if you make them yourself you can make them strong and they won't even taste strong!

the guaranteed drunkener thing though... for me is RED AFTERSHOCK!! love the stuff! A few shots of that throughout the night will definatly get you plastered... when you shot it, keep it in your mouth for about 30 seconds swirling it, then swallow it and then take a swift deep breath in... gets you hammered!

Living in faliraki and working in bars has helped!


Vodka with Red bull !

I drink it

Rum and coke, or vodka and sprite.

Minute made frozen lemonade and vodka. get your drunk like a mofo

Bacardi 8 on the rocks... It's smooth, tolerable and gets u drunk fast.. Have one for me. Cya

2 words: beer bong. it takes like 2 seconds just to down one

Long Island iced teas.. I am small too and I only need a couple.. or my favorite some wine :)

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