Might have pineapple in my throat?!

Question: Might have pineapple in my throat?
So basically I was having some pineapple and I swallowed some juice down the wrong way. I then felt this burning sensation in my throat, and now feel like there is this tiny bit of pineapple in my throat? Will I be OK?


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Drink some rum to make a pineacolada in your tummy . you will be great .

your body's quite clever.. it will figure a way of dislodging it somehow...

...or, humourously, i read a story about a guy that swallowed a pea and it went down the wrong way, a pea tree/shoot started to grow in his lungs, let's hope you swallowed no pips or seeds.

make a small ball of cooked rice (not hot and not too large. or you might add a second problem on top of that pineapple. about the size of a meatball is OK), put inside your mouth and swallow. DO NOT chew the rice...

Works for me every time when i have a fish bone stuck to my throat

The same thing happened to me before. Just drink lots of milk or water to wash it down. It's not life threatening.

Try drinkin water to rinse out the pineapple juice :) if ur not allergic u will be fine :3

Eas some bread, but dont chew it that much

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