Not breathalyzed, not drinking, yet getting into trouble. What to do?!

Question: Not breathalyzed, not drinking, yet getting into trouble. What to do?
I was with four friends, one was 16(like me) one 17, and the other 18. We were sitting at a park bench and the 17 and 18 year old were drinking. The 18 year old put a drink in front of us, but me and the 16 year old slid it away because we didn't want to drink it.
The cop on a bike came and asked us if we've been drinking. I said no along with the 16 year old, yet he accused us of drinking because it was in between us, but this was only because we slid it away... He called our parents, explained it to them when they picked us up. He said we've have to go online and they'll send us something in the mail... Also mentioned something about appeal court. I'm not too sure. But we weren't drinking, how do we get out of this? Also we were not breathalyzed, he just assumed we were drinking because it was near us, even though the other guys admitted to drinking, and we didn't because we weren't.
I've never done anything or have gotten any offenses.. What do I do? I live in Florida by the way.


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honestly id be very surprised if you ever hear anything about it again, Sounds like he was just tryin to scare you, sounds like a pretty inexperienced cop.

Just be honest and explain your situation. Don't get angry or defensive, because they will see it as you trying to get out of this. Also it's important to mention you were not breathalyzed, they are supposed to do that. Also ask the 17 and 18 year olds if they will vouch for you. Explain to your parents what happened. You haven't had any other offenses, so you should be okay.

Do nothing. the police have no evidence and will not press the issue. If they do, you can sue for wrong full persecution , among other things . If push comes to shove, contact an aclu lawyer

If you tell the truth then you should be fine

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