can i get drunk by drinking a glass of martini?!

Question: Can i get drunk by drinking a glass of martini?

Sure. When you are old enough to drive, you'll be legally drunk if you drive within an hour of having a beer. (Depends on your age, weight, and whether or not you've had a meal with your drink.) Your blood alcohol level in California can't be over 0.08, and that would do it.

A Martini has more alcohol in it than beer. So, if you drink a regular sized martini (the kind they serve in a bar) you might have to wait two hours after drinking it before you would pass the blood alcohol test.

Depending on how fast you drank a water-glass full of martini, you might put yourself into a coma, might even swallow your tongue, and be unable to breathe. Ain't nothing to fool around with.

There is an old joke. Be careful ladies of a martini. Take two and you're under the table, take three and you're under the host.

Not necessarily "a" glass, but then again it depends on your tolerance for alcohol. My wife has a low tolerance for alcohol and can get tipsy after 1 wine cooler. Too much of any kind of alcohol will get you drunk though. Just don't drink and drive when getting sh**-faced, be safe, and have fun!

It always depends.
depending on your weight and size, and you tolerance. such as how often do you drink. what is the alcohol proof. how much is in the glass. It is very unlikely that one small glass will get you drunk, but if you are on any type of medications, that can also make a difference.

good luck to ya =)

depends on the size of the glass
martinis are extremely high level of alcohol... so if you drank say a 8 ounce glass... it would likely get you drunk.. depending on your weight, alcohol tolerance and health.

Martini's are a mixed cocktail and not sold by the glass. They are straight booze but unless you are a super lightweight, one probably won't get you drunk. But on an empty stomach might get the buzz started!

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