Can this really make you that drunk?!

Question: Can this really make you that drunk?
Last night I got quite drunk. I drank a WKD, a shot of apple sourz, a corona and a snakebite. I know a snakebite is quite strong. I didnt think I drank that much, but I was REALLY drunk like acting like an idiot and being REALLY loud and someone told me I was being aggressive. One of my friend's is really angry with me and said I was rude to one of her friends. I remember I acted like a nutter last night and started talking in a posh voice. I was surprised cos I didn't think I had that much to drink, but I read that snakebites are really strong. I downed most of it as well. Is that snakebite the reason I was acting drunker than normal?


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That is very likely the case. You took a bit more than you were used to and you have paid the consequences.

It depends on the size of the drink not how many you drink. It also depends on your tolerance.

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