Why dont hangovers affect me?!

Question: Why dont hangovers affect me?
I usually go out drinking quite a lot, but usually hangovers dont affect me that much and I wake up feeling fine. Im 19 btw. Also I've never passed out and I usually remember my night and my drunken antics. Is this normal because people usually forget their night when they get drunk?


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You probably eat properly before you go out.
Maybe you just naturally hold liquor better.
Maybe you're hungover while you sleep.
There's a number of possibilities.

I am 29 now and have done all kinds of drinking and like you I have never had a hangover. Once I went to bed at 4am and woke up at 6am for work and was still drunk (normal; 1 hour per 1 drink to clear your body) could also be you sleep well past the hangover point. I think the reason for me is that I drink a lot of water before bed. All a hangover really is, is sever dehydration. I will caution you do not try to drink so much you get a hang over as your limit is much higher and it could end with a trip to the hospital. I also have never passed out and always remember my drunken night. I would not want it any other way. If I don't remember the night then either something bad might have happened or I forgot all the fun I had.

my own experience

just can handle your alcohol well or maybe you are drinking like premium vodka or some good spirits like that. when i drink, i drink gray goose or a good white tequila like patron. alcohol quality makes a big difference in hangovers. always drink premium.

normally when people drink, they dont black out. its normal to blackout if you are drinking way too much but if you are drinking that much, its becoming a problem.

You might have been born with a stronger liver than most, or you don't get as drunk as you think you do.

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