How long should I wait to drink beer after taking Klonopin?!

Question: How long should I wait to drink beer after taking Klonopin?
I was recently prescribed 1mg Klonopin a few days ago. The bottle says take half tablet to 1 every 8 hours as needed for anxiety. I never have full blown panic attacks, but I do get anxious, so that is why I'm taking this and my doctor prescribed it for me. On monday nights I like to watch wrestling at my buddies house and we like to drink a few beers. I really don't need to take the 1mg every 8 hours, so if I took one Monday morning, and didn't take one the rest of the day, will I be fine to drink a 6 pak or less of beer? I don't party like I used to, and I don't binge drink. For the past few days, I've only been taking the Klonopin twice a day because I don't need it every 8 hours and it helps calm my nerves, but I do like to drink a couple times a week. So will taking one in the morning and than waiting till 8 or 9 at night be long enough time, so both aren't in my system? Any information will be helpful. I still want to drink socially, or have a couple of beers after work or at a bar from time to time.


From what you write, you appear to be a responsible person and to have the situation under control. So as long as you keep spacing it out, you should be OK.

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