How does weed smell like?!

Question: How does weed smell like?
I'm curious.
because Novi Novak goes
"you know this mic smells like weed,"…
I don't smoke weed, nor cigarettes,
I don't smoke anything.
I'm 14, so yeah.
Does it smell like catnip?
catnip smells like tea...


It's kind of hard to describe unless you've smelt it yourself. It's very pungent, it has a certain skunky-ness to it. On occasion their will be some stoner in the hall of your high school, if you're in high school, that smells funny, that's most likely weed

in my opinion it has its own smell, unless its kush, then it can smell like oranges, bubble gum, bout anything

are you ever near sum1 and smell lk an odor that just wreaks heavy but not a smelly one? it mells lk a cologne but not really scenty i guess. kinda hard to explain.

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