First time drinking guidance ?!

Question: First time drinking guidance ?
Okay so last 3 weeks i went on drinking for the first time with my friends. I'm 16, okay so what i had is like the first one is a hoe gaarden some kind of beer, then after like 20 mins tequila, then another 20 min i had this drink i totally forgot but it's a small glass within a big glass and filled with redbull,and the last one was tequila, i remember just being tipsy that night. I wasn't drunk. And i remembered that night i had to go pee lots of time. Like every 15 mins, and the next morning i was totally fine. No hangover, and this is not fun. Oh that night i also drank like 1 and a half bottle of water. So where did i go wrong? I really wanna get full effect of alcohol and feel a hangover next day. Dont tell me how bad hangover is i just wanna feel them


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you can't get a hangover when you're 16. Similarly I can't give you guidance on your first time drinking because you've already had your first drinking experience. If you really want a hangover, try getting completely dehydrated, don't eat much, and then drink a couple 40's of steele reserve or a similar high gravity but poor quality malt liquor.

Be careful. Alcohol sneaks up on you, and sometimes won't hit til an hour later.

My guidance:
Wait a few years before you drink alcohol again toots. Drinking doesn't make you cool.
It makes you someone who cannot think for themselves .. and has no respect for their
brain, body or future.

i am reporting you to the police

Wow this has got to be the most stupid retarded question on the internet. How can i get a hangover? WHY THE **** WOULD YOU WANT A HANGOVER...ill tell you buddy it aint fun. You will feel horiblle for multiple days, wont be able to stomach food ie have no apetite for bout a week and the very smell of alchol (or your breath) will make you want to vomit.

But hey you want a hangover...fine
A) Drink on an empty stomach
B) Dont drink any water the night you drink
C) Mix as many different spirits into your body at once
D) Quantity is a hangovers best friend. You know youve drank enough when you hunched over the toilet bowl or passed out in your own vomit. Try chigging straight from the tequila bottle.

Next well take a look at other painfull ways to inflict possibly lethal doses of poison into your body....

And that third drink you mentioned, the shotglass in the redbull...thats called a Jaggerbomb....a splash of Jaggermyster with energy drinks, intended to get you drunk but keep you awake

You have a built in tolerance for alcohol, thank your parents for that, good genes.
I can drink a case of beer, go to the bar and have a few more, a few glasses of scotch on the rocks and not feel a thing in the morning, it doesn't mean you are not being poisoned.

The last thing you should do in your situation is to think you can drive, cause even if someone jumps out at you, you will blow a heavy over dose limit, and that's jail, and in my book it should be life.
Never drink and drive, no matter how you feel.
One beer is the limit for people like us.

It's better to get a ride or drink soda, cause the law is the law, and even if you think you are able, you blow over 0.08 in Wisconsin, you are in cuffs.

You need to get into good stuff if you can handle that.
A nice glass of Scotch, maybe a Cognac, call it a night.

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