What is your favorite Beer?!

Question: What is your favorite Beer?
What is your favorite beer to enjoy? Mine personally is Indio, which unfortunately can only be found in Mexico. I wish they shipped it to the U.S.! I guess I'll have to settle with Shiner Bock here ha.


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I like Leinenkugle's beer... Their Sunset Wheat is good. And, I don't know if everyone else likes it but in the summer their Summer Shandy is amzingly refreshing on a hot day, and I'm lucky that many bars in my area keep it on tap in summer.

Sierra Nevada makes some great beers, their Autumn Tumbler is delicious.

Dog Fish Head makes some great beer, they are most known for their IPA's which are not my fav but they are always doing something original and different. And everyone involved in the company is really passionate about beer.

Grudgingly I will list Bells as a great brewery.....only b/c I'm a buckeye and am therefore raised to hate michigan and everything that comes from there... =)

Sam Adams

Great Lakes brewery

Paulaner Salvador double bock. about $2.50 a pint at bevmo. this is THE best bock i've ever tasted and i was stationed in Germany where beer is a staple back during the vietnam war. this bock is from Munich

Sierra Nevada Stout or Porter.


miller hi life and el sol. el sol is another mexican beer, its not bitter lk sum though.


Bud light

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