This is about a beer that I need a recipe for?!

Question: This is about a beer that I need a recipe for?
I seen on the travel channel in Russia on, I have no idea if I spell it right. The best that I can spell the beer is Kvas beer, in Russia the people there would bring it out to the streets and sell it like the people do in USA for lemon aid. There in Russia thy call this beer kids beer because of the alcohol is very low. I also know of one part of the ingredients is some type of bread. I am looking for the recipe.


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It is Russian but not just them it is Old East Slavic or regional.

Kvass is low alcohol, sour beer made from rye bread. It is as Russian as Baseball is American!

To make your own, I suggest the follow recipe:
- A loaf of dark Rye bread
- A bottle of of Lemon juice
- A two cans of Budweiser can or any other low quality American Lager
- A bottle of Strawberry extract

- Pour a Bud into a large bowl
- Add Lemon juice until the Bud show signs of flavor
- Add a dash or four of Strawberry extract
- Dip Rye bread into bowl and eat it/

This may come close to the taste of Kvass.
Worst case is you will have a Bud with flavor.

If you are a home brewer there is a recipe in the link below. Sounds interesting - I've never heard of the beer and may have to give it a try...…

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