Is the monster drink bad for u?!

Question: Is the monster drink bad for u?
Well I'm 15 right and I drink monster behind my moms back cause she doesn't like me drinking it she said it's bad for me is that true I'll give someone 10 points


its not bad at all , i been drinking monster of all types since i was 7 and im also 15 , my parents dont mind at all. drinking a monster is the same as drinking an ordinary soda. feel free to do what you want if she dont like you drinking a soft drink you might aswell drink only water.

15 and on the sauce .Man you need your head examend.Lay off before it gets out of hand.You can loose a lot of friends that way.Once someone labels you a drunk it is pretty hard to shake that label.
So quit, while you are ahead.Boozing is not cool neither is smoking.

super bad for you. can lead to MANY health problems

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