general weed question..... what type was it?!

Question: General weed question..... what type was it?
soo i have been high 3 times in my life. the first time was with some stuff no clue what it was and the second time was the same stuff (a month old, idk if time is a factor) mixed with mids. i had an outer body experience like i was not able to feel my body at all especially when i ate food. I couldnt taste and i couldnt feel my head or any part of me. my question is can someone tell me what type i smoked?


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sour d ?

That doesn't sound right, normally weed isn't suppose to make you lose your taste buds or anything like that, acutely it increases it and makes you think a normal thing like a ham sandwich taste like a 5 course meal. I think the stuff you smoked had something of a different illegal drug in it? I known this for my father was a major pot head, and he smoked Many different type of weed and that never made him lose taste.

3 types of Marijuana from best to worst.
Sounds like you were having a good time. But I don't think about that taste buds thing. When im baked everything tastes amazing. Take a Xanax and smoke weed. It enhances it and you will feel high as ever and drunk, like tipsy.


Keep it up and while you are at it check out the price of a cheap coffin.A large Hockey bag is sufficent in some jurisdictions.

sounds like schwizz. idk lol im not a smoker but ik schwiz messes with bodies and heads as opposed to kushh just ****** u up gettin u stoned.

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